World History

In 1804, this New World colony became the first to win its independence after the American colonies defeated the British in 1783.  Name it.

During his reign as king of France from 1643 to 1715, he consolidated his authority over France and transformed it from a collection of feudal provinces into a modern State.  He built an opulent palace at Versailles, and was known as "le Roi-Soleil" or "the Sun King".  Who was he?

After Julius Caesar's death in 44 B.C., Rome endured a civil war which was won by Caesar's grand-nephew Octavius.  He ruled the Roman Empire for more than forty years under what name?

This conflict between Sparta and Athens occurred between 431 B.C. and 404 B.C., and resulted in Athens being ruled by the 'Thirty Tyrants'.

The abbreviation "SPQR" had special significance in ancient Rome, and is even used in modern Rome.  What phrase did SPQR represent?

In this battle in 480 B.C., at least 300 Persian ships were sunk or captured, turning the tide of the Greco-Persian wars in favor of the Greeks.

In this 480 B.C. naval battle between the Persians and Greeks, at least 300 Persian ships were sunk or captured.  This battle thus became a turning point in the Persian invasion of Greece, with lasting consequences for the development of Greek culture and the Mediterranean.

In this battle, which took place in 480 B.C., a force of approximately 300 Spartans under the command of Leonidas I, along with warriors from several other Greek city-states, held off a much larger Persian force for several days at a mountain pass.  Although all Spartans were eventually killed, this battle served as a symbol of Greek resistance in the face of defeat.

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